Monday, July 21, 2014

Collected Mashups Vol. 3: The Videos

Here are all the videos for Collected Mashups Volume 3a (Of Love, Hate and Change) and Volumes 3b and 3c (The Shinobi and Enso EPs). Some were made by friends and/or people who liked my work, but I made most of them myself. All of these mashups are available on the albums in the above links or individually on Enjoy and stay tuned for the next collection in the series as a double album: Collected Mashups Vol. 4! 

Love, DJ not-I

1. Smells Like Futurama (Nirvana vs. Futurama Theme Song)

2. Who Do You Love (In The Night)? (Bo Diddley vs. Eagles of Death Metal)

3. Freaky Undone Hombre (M.I.A. vs. KoRn)

4. Heavy Metal Amour (Jedi Mind Tricks & Ill Bill vs. Rachid Taha)

5. (W)right America (Eminem vs. Optical vs. The Beatles)

Ten more videos after the jump! (Featuring Alicia Keys, Bo Diddley, Cléan, Coldcut, Dead Prez, DJ Vadim, Eastenders, Gwen Stefani, Hexstatic, Jill Scott, Kanye West, M.I.A., Mr. Scruff, Rage Against The Machine, Talib Kweli, and The Go-Gos.)

Friday, February 28, 2014

Collected Mashups Vol. 2: The Videos

Following up on my last post, here are all the extant videos for Collected Mashups Vol. 2a and Vol. 2b (no videos have been produced for Vol. 2c). I made two of these myself, but most were made by people who liked my stuff enough to make fan videos and/or use them as soundtracks to whatever cool things they were doing, and were decent enough to credit them. To me, there is no greater compliment, and I have duly credited these video-makers.

All of the featured mashups are available for free download as part of the albums in the links above or individually via

Enjoy & Have Fun! Love, DJ not-I

(P.S. My three recommendations are marked with *)

1.* Trans Planet Insomnia (Kraftwerk vs. Faithless vs. Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force) (Video by not-I)

Six more videos after the jump!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Collected Mashups Vol. 1: The Videos

Following the release of volume three of the Collected Mashups series, and with volume four on the way, I thought this might be a good opportunity to post some video retrospectives, starting with the videos for volume one. Many of these were made by me, many were made by others, some of them have been blocked on Youtube in certain countries, and some of them are only available on Vimeo, all of which is duly noted below. 

All of the original audio mashups are downloadable as part of the Collected Mashups Vol. 1 double-album or individually at Now let's get this party started!

1. Heart-Shaped Sky (Blackalicious vs. Nirvana) (video by GonzoJam)

Prom Night Of The Dead (DJ Not-I AMV) from MindlessGonzo Productions on Vimeo.

2. Feel All Apologies (Blackalicious vs. Nirvana) (video by Chrysler76)


3. Shimmember Me (Ol' Dirty Bastard vs. Blue Boy) (video by me)

   Vimeo version here

Seven more videos after the jump!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Collected Mashups Vol. 3b & 3c: The Shinobi & Enso Pop EPs

In addition to the mashup "singles" I released in 2008 (available here), I produced two special projects as mini-albums: The Shinobi EP and The Enso Pop EP. The former featured seven mashups utilizing instrumentals by artists signed to one of my favorite labels (Ninja Tune), while the latter demonstrated my ability to make (more-or-less) straight "pop mashups" whenever I felt like doing so. Despite having divergent intentions, I believe both EPs share a common thread or signature (in the music, not just the artwork) that makes you say, "These are DJ not-I mashups."

This is one of the reasons I've compiled both EPs as a single DOWNLOAD in volumes 3b and 3c of the Collected Mashup Series. Enjoy!

Love, DJ not-I.

(96 MB, both EPs, 12 tracks, 320 kbps mp3s)
(alternative/better DL link in "comments")


The Shinobi EP (Seven Ninja Tune Boots)

1.   Get Your Hello On (The Doors vs. David Bowie vs. Amon Tobin)
2.   10th Together (The Beatles vs. Clifford Gilberto)
3.   Random Nyash (Lady Sovereign vs. Antibalas)
4.   Whatcha Waiting For, Get A Move On (Gwen Stefani vs. Mr. Scruff)
5.   Auto Temp Crash Test (Sean Paul vs. Hexstatic)
6.   Timber Freq (Dead Prez vs. Coldcut & Hexstatic)
7.   Jude's Drunken Trumpet (The Beatles vs. Kid Koala)


(96 MB, both EPs, 12 tracks, 320 kbps mp3s)
(alternative/better DL link in "comments")

The Enso Pop EP

1.   M.I.A.'s Lips Ain't Sealed (M.I.A. vs. Hilary & Haylie Duff)
2.   Back To Karma (Alicia Keys vs. Amy Winehouse/Mark Ronson)
3.   Rihanna's Troubled Moths & Bees (Rihanna vs. Chris T-T vs. Shampoo)
4.   Gangsta's Foundations (Kate Nash vs. Coolio/Doug Rasheed)
5.   No One's Lockdown (Kanye West vs. Alicia Keys)

(96 MB, both EPs, 12 tracks, 320 kbps mp3s)
(alternative/better DL link in "comments")

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Collected Mashups Vol. 3a: Of Love, Hate and Change

2008 was a watershed in many respects: The mashups of this collection mirror both the anxious global mood before the U.S. elections and the sense of measured optimism that arose afterward, even in the midst of an economic crisis of vast proportions. The long, dark (inter-)national nightmare of the Cheney-Bush regime's reign of terror was finally over. (Unfortunately, though perhaps predictably, the Obama administration has continued, and even expanded, many of the same policies.)

Several of these mashups are overtly and unabashedly political. They range from Eminem's and The Beatles' unintentional (and Reverend Wright's explicit) advocacy of Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton during the primaries ("(W)right America") to the conspiracy theories of Immortal Technique ("Infra-stition"), Jedi Mind Tricks ("Heavy Metal Amour"), and M.I.A. ("Under Paper Planes"), to the full-on partisan endorsement of Obama against McCain/Palin and the unprecedented dirtiness of their campaign ("Change The Hate"). Even one of the 'dance' tracks is infused with politics ("Vino Hip Vino Hop"). I had made political mashes before, but perhaps never with such passion and intensity.

Yet this album also features several non-political tracks expressing, among other things: love (the Bo Diddley Tribute Mixes), optimism ("Just Might Be Big Love," produced after the elections), awareness of death ("6 Feet Under The Bitter End"), rock 'n' roll ("Freaky Undone Hombre"), and just good, clean fun ("Smells Like Futurama" and "Rihanna's Troubled Bees").

Many of these mashups also gave me the opportunity to utilize and juxtapose more diverse sources than previously, including blues, drum & bass, indie, and nu metal. In this collection, I've included a few first versions and alternate mixes. I believe this collection is representative of my work's diversity and is quite a decent album too (hence the cheeky cover). I hope you agree. Enjoy! Love, not-I


(better/faster link in "comments" section)

.zip file, 163 MB, 19 tracks, high-quality mp3s
package includes artwork and notes


1.    Smells Like Futurama (Nirvana vs. Futurama)
2.    Who Do You Love (In The Night) (Bo Diddley vs. Eagles Of Death Metal)
3.    Freaky Undone Hombre (M.I.A. vs. KoRn)
4.    Heavy Metal Amour (Jedi Mind Tricks & Ill Bill vs. Rachid Taha)
5.    (W)right America (Eminem vs. The Beatles vs. Optical)
6.    Vino Hip Vino Hop (Dead Prez vs. Eastenders)
7.    Rihanna's Troubled Bees (Rihanna vs. Chris T-T vs. Shampoo)
8.    6 Feet Under The Bitter End (Placebo vs. Thomas Newman/Photek)
9.    You Can't Judge A Boom Sumting (Bo Diddley vs. DJ Vadim)
10.  Under Paper Planes (M.I.A. vs. Cléan)
11.  Infra-stition (Immortal Technique & Busta Rhymes vs. Stevie Wonder vs.
12.  Change The Hate (Jill Scott vs. Rage Against The Machine vs. Talib Kweli)
13.  Just Might Be Big Love! (Lupe Fiasco & Gemini vs. Fleetwood Mac)
14.  No One's Lockdown (Original Mix)
15.  (W)right America (Original Version)
16.  6 Feet Under The Bitter End (Original Version)
17.  Infra-stition (Demo Version)
18.  Just Might Be Big Love (Demo Version)
19.  Change The Hate (Single Edit)

Full list of sources in mp3 tags.

Mashed, mixed and produced by DJ not-I @ Mexikotrax, 2008
For promotional use only.

DOWNLOAD (better/faster link in "comments" section)

.zip file, 163 MB, 19 tracks, high-quality mp3s, artwork and notes

Monday, October 21, 2013

Collected Mashups Vol. 2c: El Álbum Latino

This collection consists of single versions of all the mashups featured on not-i-podcast-02: la edición latina as well as a few Latin-themed bonus tracks. It is the last installment in Collected Mashups Vol. 2 (those made in 2007).

In accordance with the title and theme, much of the lyrical content is in Spanish, yet these juxtapositions are quite eclectic and roughly half of them mix English-language lyrics with Latin-flavored instrumentals - many of them include both languages. Hence, you don't have to speak Spanish to enjoy this album. In fact, I don't know much Spanish myself, but the highly melodic character of the Latina/Latino vocals featured here (including the reggaeton "rapping") suggested several fascinating combinations, which along with many of the tracks on Vol. 2a, marked my final departure from strictly hip-hop blends into truly melodic mashup territory.

In this collection you will hear top reggaeton artists like Tego Calderón or Voltio sing-song-rapping over jazz and dub reggae as well as Latin singers such as Don Omar, Notch, or Orquídea Negra of L.D.A. soaring over Jean-Michel Jarre and The Police. You will also hear underground rappers J3hst (UK) or The Perceptionists (US) spitting poison over slick-and-smooth-as-silk reggaeton instrumentals as well as Tweet waxing R&B-style over Santana and soul queen Jill Scott testifying over the Latin-heavy drums of Swizz Beatz. There is also a bit of The Simpsons en Español.

Variety is key here, yet regardless of genre, language or style, all of these mashups have a decidedly Latin flavor and, perhaps because of it, all of them are quite danceable. ¡Pásalo bien! Love, DJ not-I.

(better/faster link in "comments")

.zip file, 92 MB
14 tracks, high-quality mp3s
package includes artwork and liner notes


1.   Mexican Radio (Remix of Wall Of Voodoo feat. Latin Hip-Hop Allstars and
2.   Golden Ride (Beginner's Mind) (Jill Scott vs. Swizz Beatz vs. Thich Nhat
3.   Puerto Rico 67/07 (Frankie Cutlass, Lumidee, Voltio, Joell Ortiz vs. The
      Young-Holt Trio)
4.   Eyez Like The Wind (DJ Vadim & Deuce Eclipse vs. Skream)
5.   Chevere Takeoff (Voltio & Notch vs. RJD2/Jean-Michel Jarre)
6.   El Flow Inside My Head (Peligro & L.D.A. vs. The Police)
7.   Chevere Phlegm (Jeh5t vs. Voltio/Tainy/Mas Flow)
8.   Chico Keep That Fire Burning (Petey Pablo vs. Pitbull vs. The Last Eighth
      vs. The Killergroove Formula)
9.   Call Me La Puesta (Que No, Dicky Ranking & Don Abusivo vs. Tweet vs.
10.  Check It Easy (Fugees vs. Beyonce vs. White Lion vs. Voltio & Slim Thug)
11.  Dame Una Carrere (The Perceptionists vs. Latin Hip-Hop y Mas)
12.  El Robot Telefonico (Robot Boy vs. Wisin Y Yandel & Hector Bambino)
13.  Chillin' Love Dub (Tego Calderón & Don Omar vs. Sly & Robbie)
14.  Manchester Couch Potato (Visionaries vs. DJ Vadim)

Full list of sources in mp3 tags.
Mashed, mixed and produced by DJ not-I @ Mexikotrax, 2007
For promotional use only.

DOWNLOAD (better/faster link in "comments")
.zip file, 92 MB, 14 tracks, high-quality mp3s, artwork and liner notes

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Archive Series Vol. IV: not-i-podcast-02 - La Edición Latina/Latin Edition

My second podcast ever, produced in 2007, "la edición latina" pays respects to my (grand-)mother's and my roots with an eclectic blend of Latin American and Latin-influenced music including hip-hop, reggaeton, Chicano rock, and muchos mash-ups* made especially for the show.

Bursting with spicy flavors from Mesoamerica and the Spanish-speaking Caribbean (especially from California, Mexico and Puerto Rico), and seasoned with ingredients from as far afield as New York and London, this sonic fiesta has satisfied diverse musical taste buds over the years and become one of my most popular podcast episodes.

This special edition has been re-rendered into highest-quality VBR mp3s from the original wave file and been cut into individual tracks so you can skip to and replay your favorite tracks. Choose a streaming and/or download option below.

¡Buen provecho! Love, DJ not-I



(better/faster DL link in "comments")

(27 tracks, 80 minutes, mp3s @ highest-quality VBR, artwork, liner notes)

*The mashups of mine featured here (and many more) will soon be released as Collected Mashups Vol. 2c: El Álbum Latino.


DOWNLOAD (better/faster DL link in "comments")

(27 tracks, 80 minutes, mp3s @ highest-quality VBR, artwork, liner notes)