Tuesday, February 17, 2015

In The Ghetto Tonight - Big Time Blogging - A Statement

[NEW UPDATE, Feb. 25, 2015: World Star Hip-Hip replied to my e-mail and have updated their blog post! See below.]

First of all, I would like to thank Ambrosia For Heads (AFH) for blogging the original video of an old blend/mashup of mine and giving my early work some shine, while including some link love!

I started following AFH on Facebook when this pre-Wu-Tang GZA/ODB improv showed up on my wall and have been following them ever since. In the meantime, I've become utterly convinced that AFH is a quality site - dedicated to real hip-hop, with intelligent and articulate commentary, respect for the history of the genre (back to the old school), and openness to new developments. If you like quality hip-hop, I have no reservations about recommending Ambrosia For Heads to you.

When I first saw this post on my personal Facebook feed, I couldn't believe it. I thought someone was ripping me off. But no...yes, this was/is my work. Before we go any further, let's watch and listen (Don't worry, there will be some download links at the end of this):

DJ not-I: In The Ghetto Tonight (Eric B. & Rakim vs. Phil Collins) from DJ not-I on Vimeo.

Here are the basic facts and some details about "In The Ghetto Tonight":

1. The audio blend/mashup was produced back in 2006 and is featured on Collected Mashups Vol. 1: Mashanthology.
2. I produced the video in 2012.
3. This mashup blends Eric B. & Rakim's "drumapella" with Phil Collins' "In The Air Tonight" - both the latter's extended mix and the '88 remix.
4. All sources are vinyl, but the mix was constructed with an early version of Acid. I digitalized everything, then cut the Collins tracks into loops, arranging them to form a new backing track with additional editing to highlight certain lines of Rakim's lyrics.
5. This was produced for a Phil Collins Challenge on an earlier version of GYBO.
6. Based on the sources, I knew the vibe would be a throw-back to the late 80s/early 90s, and I very much intended it to be that way. To me, it's like taking a journey back to another place and time, or better yet, to a timeless place. "Mind keeps travellin'..."
7. I feel the interplay between Rakim's verses and Phil's refrains is lyrically perfect. Rakim is rapping about how we humans got to where we are (referencing Five Percent philosophy), but also about how he had gotten to the place he was at the time. "I can feel it coming in the air tonight; I've been waiting for this moment all my life" provides lyrical tension and anticipation of what's to come: "Since I made it this far, can't stop now..." While Collins' full lyrics might be about something else entirely, bear in mind that I used only his refrains, thus creating a new song to be judged on its own merits.
8. This was not an empty exercise. I didn't make this blend/mashup because I was expecting any fame or fortune. I made it because I wanted to hear it. If other people liked or like it, all the better! I felt very passionate about this at the time and still do.
9. I'm technically an "old man" and to me, Rakim was The MC who turned hip-hop/rapping from party-raps into social commentary, political message-making and a conscious art-form, inspiring KRS-One, Public Enemy, Nas, Tupac, and many others to speak truth to power.
10. This blend/mashup was only ever intended for true heads and conscious cats: "I come correct and I won't look back 'cause / It ain't where you're from, it's where you're at!"

Now, as the story continues, AFH's original post of Feb. 12 was re-blogged almost verbatim by the much more popular World Star Hip-Hop on Feb. 14. Because WSHH has so many more followers and readers, someone messaged me on one of my sites to say, "You're about to blow up!" Well, no, I haven't "blown up," because unlike AFH, WSHH didn't provide any links. While they credited "DJ not-I," they uploaded my video to their own player without linking to my original video, this blog, or any of my sites. [This has been rectified. See below.]

Again, here are the two posts for direct comparison:
Ambrosia For Heads vs. World Star Hip-Hop [now updated!]

In the interest of fairness, I've written to World Star Hip-Hop about this. I'll post another update if or when I receive a reply.
[I have received a positive reply, see below.]

While I've seen plenty of new visitors and downloads on my sites, most of the traffic has come from Ambrosia For Heads. World Star Hip-Hop followers can of course google "DJ not-I" or "In The Ghetto Tonight," but that's not the same thing. I understand we live in a "blog-eat-blog" world, but when it comes to blogging about hip-hop, a genre in which "biting" is frowned upon and "giving props" (i.e. proper respect or credit) is key, I might be forgiven for expecting a hyperlink, especially when the WSHH post has received almost 86,000 [now 89,500] views and 700 comments.

Don't get me wrong. Because I made the blend/mashup and video a long time ago, all of this comes as a wonderful surprise to me. I am truly grateful to Parfit of AFH for digging up the blend, writing a nice piece about, and showing mad love for it! And even though I'm a bit unhappy about the way Persist of WSHH did it, I'm still thankful for the exposure. [...and now some links! See below.]
My blends and mashups were always intended to be timeless, and although I've never (or hardly ever) made them to please anyone but myself, I've always been sincerely thankful for feedback of whatever kind and have been waiting a long time for some larger recognition. So, at the end of the day, it's all good.

Peace! Love, not-I

Bonus blogging (with links!):

Eric Woods
Calvin's Canadian Cave of Coolness
Street Knowledge  

[UPDATE: World Star Hip-Hop have replied to my e-mail, ending with "Thanks for writing in. [...] Keep up the good work," and added not just one, but two links to their original post. Communication is key! BIG THANKS to WSHH!]

And now for the downloads (song/album):

Monday, February 16, 2015

DJ not-I Full Feature on French Radio

On Friday, Feb. 6, 2015, French bootleg/mashup legend and radio DJ, Sebwax, dedicated an entire episode of his live radio show ("P comme Pirate" on PFM 99.9 / Arras, France) exclusively to DJ not-I mashups from Collected Mashups Vol. 4: Sleeper and plugged them, the album, and various not-I websites like crazy.

Here is the show:
P comme Pirate par Sebwax - S08E17 - DJ not-I Special

You can listen to and download the 45-minute program at the bottom of the linked page (click or right-click "Émission à choper en mp3"). If you don't understand French, it doesn't matter, it's mostly (my) music.

Sebwax has been doing his radio show, which highlights quality mashups and bootleg culture with expert insider commentary, as well as been producing his own beautiful mashups for almost ten years, so it was a great honor to receive a full feature.

Merci beaucoup!

Love, not-I.

Once more: the show is HERE
(click "Emission à choper en mp3" to download)

Live at Crumplebury 2015

Crumplebury 2015 was an international all-day online DJ festival organized by Pom Deter and broadcast live on mixlr.com. It showcased an accomplished team of DJs from Australia, Austria, France, the Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, the UK, and the US, most of whom have known each other since the heydays of a previous version of GYBO. The sets were highly eclectic, dropping anything and everything from breakbeats, drum & bass, electro, and techno to blues, jazz, and dub/reggae to indie, pop, rock, and metal.

Unsurprisingly, one of the festival's connecting threads was quality mashups (or, as they used to be called, bootlegs); the other was the crumplebanger ethic or (better) attitude/mindset of bending expectations, genres, and "rules" of music-making by just not giving a damn about them.
Crumplebury started on Jan. 31, 2015 at noon, British time (UTC+0) and ended on Feb. 1 at 6 AM. Amazingly, only one tune got played twice during the entire 18-hour event. It was truly a blast and I'm glad to have been a part of it. I did two sets, one at midnight and the other as the closing festival chill-out. Here they are. They're downloadable via the players. Love, not-I.

P.S. 1: You can check out all the individual DJ sets HERE or, if you have the time and courage, listen to or download the entire festival in one giant go:
And here are some links to all the DJs if you'd like to check out their other work (in alphabetical order):

Dan Untitled
DJ Cougar (extra Facebook hot-dog)
DJ Forge 
DJ not-I
Eddie Pedalo
Grave Danger
NeoPink (DeFunkto)
Scott Cairo

P.S. 2: And here are the Mixcloud links to my sets for streaming (no download option, but with tracklists):

Monday, December 22, 2014

Collected Mashups Vol. 6: Challenger II

Happy Holidays! Here is a gift. Challenger II features all of the mashups I made in 2011, most of them for various challenges, plus three bonus tracks. Many of them have never been "officially" released. Now they are here. Here they are. Enjoy!

Love, DJ not-I.


(alternate DL link in comments)


DJ not-I
Collected Mashups Vol. 6: Challenger II

1. Galvanize The Truth (The Chemical Brothers vs. Najat Aatabou)
2. Rebel Rhythm Circle (Arabian Radio) (Zeb vs. Azeem vs. Rakim vs. Public Enemy vs. M-1)
3. Smells Like Bee Gees (The Bee Gees vs. Nirvana)
4. Downtown (New York/Tokyo/Vienna) (Petula Clark vs. Alicia Keys vs. Yellow Magic Orchestra)
5. Interruptor Principal de Cricuito

    (Don Omar, Fat Joe, N.O.R.E. & LDA vs. Mark Ronson & The Business Intl)
6. Sympathy For Sexy (The Rolling Stones vs. Right Said Fred)
7. Phone Me Till You're Blue (Lady Gaga vs. Alan Hawkshaw)
8. Killing Chaos (Edo B & The Melody Maker vs. Yellow Magic Orchestra vs. My Bloody Valentine)
9. Take It As It Bangs (Mark Ronson & The Business Intl vs. Concord Dawn)
10. Where Eagles Have Been Lost (Redux)
11. Smells Like Bee Gees (Original Rough Mix)
12. (Ready For) Love In Kashmir (Original Mix)

Complete list of sources in mp3 tags.

Produced by DJ not-I @ Mexikotrax, 2011.
Compiled with additonal production in 2014.
For promotional use only!


(alternate DL link in comments)


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Collected Mashups Vol. 5: Challenger

Challenger is a double album of 36 different mashups comprising over two and a half hours of quality music produced in one year (2010). Every track was made for a challenge of one sort or another, hence the title.

Disc 1 & Disc 2
(updated links, Feb. 16, 2015)
Alternate links in "comments."


Disc One:

1.   One Love Plunge (Cool Calm Pete vs. Nirvana vs. Talib Kweli vs. The Herbaliser/DJ Food) *
2.   Dear Proud Prudence (John Fogerty vs. The Beatles) **
3.   Bloody Red Killing Jar (Siouxsie & The Banshees vs. Vin Gordon) **
4.   Psycho Chillin’ (Talking Heads vs. Tego Calderón & Don Omar) **
5.   ToxicToxicity (Britney Spears vs. System Of A Down) *
6.   Steez (Guruji Remix) (Guru/Gang Starr vs. Dan The Automator vs. GZA/Genius) ***
7.   Apollo Mambo Request Single (T. Rex vs. Macy Gray vs. Ghostface Killah vs. Beyonce) **
8.   Welcome To The Game (Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush vs. Coheen and Cambria) **
9.   Simon The Overlord Says Bang (Pharoahe Monch vs. Lazerbeat vs. Rye Rye & M.I.A.) +
10. Buddy Holly's Mosquito Bite (Weezer vs. Queens Of The Stone Age) **
11. Heavy Metal Dead Man Dance (Dr. Dre vs. Motion Man vs. Jedi Mind Tricks & Ill Bill vs. Lady
      Gaga vs. System Of A Down) ++
12. (Would You) Do The Right Thing (?) (Redhead Kingpin vs. Usher vs. Paris) **
13. Teardrop Adirim (Elizabeth Fraser/Massive Attack vs. Balkan Beat Box) **
14. Lotus Milk (Kyozan Joshu Sasaki Roshi vs. Nichiren Chanters vs. Lazerbeat) +
15. Freeland Band (On The Run) (Paul McCartney/Wings vs. Freeland) **
16. Gritty Money (Ol’ Dirty Bastard vs. David Holmes) **
17. Mercedes Under Fire (Miss Platnum vs. The Prodigy) **
18. 1000 Heart-Shaped Boxes (Nirvana vs. MSTRKRFT) **

Disc Two:

1.   Peninsolar Steppin' (M.I.A. vs. Noetics) **
2.   Lady GaGa Eats Madonna's Rays (Madonna vs. Collapsed Lung vs. The Beatles) **
3.   Really Love One Thing (Amerie vs. Freelance Hellraiser/Paul McCartney) **
4.   (Ready For) Love In Kashmir (Candido vs. Crookers vs. The Four Tops vs. Led Zeppelin vs. Puff
      Daddy vs. The Temptations) +++
5.   Right Drunk Back Around (Flo Rida vs. Riva Starr vs. Justin Timberlake) **
6.   Back In The Casbah (The Beatles vs. The Clash) **
7.   In Digital Bloom (Nirvana vs. Daft Punk) **
8.   A Pop Rhapsody (Jay Sean vs. Flo Rida vs. T.I. & Rihanna vs. Shakira vs. Taylor Swift vs.
      Soulja Boy / Sammie vs. Lady Gaga vs. Beyonce vs. Katy Perry vs. Kelly Clarkson vs.
      Coldplay vs. A-Trak) §
9.   Keep On Rockn (My Rebellion) (The Steve Miller Band vs. Arcade Fire) **
10. Burst Your Own Way (Fleetwood Mac vs. The Chemical Brothers) **
11. Hot Cold n Ill (Katy Perry vs. Mayer Hawthorne) **
12. Linus, Lucy and James (Metallica vs. The Vince Guaraldi Trio)
13. Telstar In Love (The Beatles vs. The Tornados vs. The Beach Boys) **
14. Live A Little (T.I. / Rihanna vs. Dreadzone) **
15. Drop Your 99 Guns (Jay-Z vs. Control Freak) **
16. California Giveth (Über Alles) (Dead Kennedys vs. Queens Of The Stone Age) **
17. My Favorite Allez (Nothing Else Matters) (Metallica vs. Eastenders vs. Diana Ross/The
      Supremes) *
18. Skillz (D&B Remix) (Guru / Gang Starr vs. Drunken Masters) ***


*       Produced for Off The Beaten Meter: Mashups Beyond 4/4 (compilation).
**     Produced for GYBO Weekend Challenges
***   Produced for the Guru Tribute Mixes
+      Produced for the GYBO 8-Bit Challenge
++    Produced for the GYBO 72 Mash Cup Challenge
+++ Produced for the Mashstix Stanton Challenge
§       Produced for the Mashstix 2010 Pop Challenge

Complete list of sources in mp3 tags.

Produced by DJ not-I @ Mexikotrax, 2010.
Compilation: 2014.
For promotional use only!

Central cover image by Cromenonunder Creative Commons License (CC-BY-NY-ND-3.0).

Download: Disc 1 & Disc 2. (updated links, Feb. 16, 2015)
Alternate links in "comments."


Love, DJ not-I


Monday, September 29, 2014

Collected Mashups Vol. 4b: The Shitcase Cinema Remixes

My musical collaboration with Johnny Shitcase and Professor Bruce of Shitcase Cinema began in 2009. I don't recall the precise circumstances of our initial contact, but I think it had something to do with my search for Youtube footage of Donald Sutherland's notorious eye-roll scene in Virus, the sci-fi-horror flick of 1999, stumbling across a Shitcase Cinema review of the film in the process, and consequently watching a whole bunch of Shitcase. I absolutely love(d) their humorous, do-it-yourself approach to reviewing (mainly) bad movies, which showcased (and still features) John's well-written scripts and thick Yorkshire accent, Professor Bruce's "science" segments and role as comic foil, their silly over-the-top skits often involving a cast of characters such as Caveman Wayne, a heavy dose of Pythonesque absurdity, and (of course) a propensity for creative cursing.
DOWNLOAD (alternate link in "comments").

This led me to contact Johnny Shitcase, and after some friendly back-and-forth messages, I offered (or agreed, I don't remember) to do some mashups of Professor Bruce's already perfect theme song with some soundtrack tunes. Over the course of the next couple years, I did a total of seven short Shitcase Cinema Theme Song mashups/remixes, six of which were featured in various Shitcase reviews. At some point, with the Google takeover of Youtube and its private message system, John going on a long trip overseas, and me having various other things on my plate, our collaboration petered out, so I thought I'd take this occasion to duly celebrate it with this collection. And what better way to introduce uninitiated not-I fans to Shitcase Cinema than with a series of Shitcase videos that feature my little remixes? (See end of post.) DOWNLOAD (alternate link in "comments").

Collected Mashups Vol. 4b: The Shitcase Cinema Remixes is a mini album (only 36 MB) intended for die-hard not-I collectors and Shitcase enthusiasts, which includes the following mini-maxi mix of all the remixes:

DOWNLOAD (alternate link in "comments").


DJ not-I: Collected Mashups Vol. 4a: The Shitcase Cinema Remixes

1. Shitcase Cinema Theme (Mouth Of Madness Remix)
    Professor Bruce vs. John Carpenter and Jim Lang - “In The Mouth Of Madness”
    As featured in “In The Mouth Of Madness - Shitcase Cinema review”)
2. Shitcase Ninja
    Professor Bruce vs. “Shogun: Total War” (computer game soundtrack)
    Spoken samples: A shitload of shitty ninja movies
    As featured in “Ninja Squad - Shitcase Cinema review” (@ 6:42)
3. Shitcase Cinema Theme (L.A. Remix)
    Professor Bruce vs. Shirley Walker & John Carpenter - Escape From L.A (Main Title)
    Spoken samples: Johnny Shitcase
    As featured in “Bad 3rd movies - Shitcase Cinema short”
4. Shitcase Cinema Theme (Crookers Remix)
    Professor Bruce vs. Crookers - "Aguas de Parco”
    Spoken samples: Johnny Shitcase
    As featured in “Mars Attacks - Shitcase Cinema review”
5. Who Made Shitcase (AC/DC Theme Remix)
    Professor Bruce vs. AC/DC - “Who Made Who”
    As featured in “Maximum Overdrive - Shitcase Cinema review”
6. Shitcase Cinema Theme (Commando Remix)
    Professor Bruce vs. James Horner - “Commando (Prologue/Main Title)”
7. Shitcase Cinema Theme (Broken Arrow Remix)
    Professor Bruce vs. Hans Zimmer - “Broken Arrow theme.”
    Additional beats: A-Trak
    As featured in “Broken Arrow - Shitcase Cinema review”
8. Shitcase Cinema Theme (Mini Remix Megamix)
    Miix of tracks 1-7 with not-I shout-out.
9. Shitcase Cinema Theme (Mouth of Sadness Remix)
    Professor Bruce vs. John Carpenter and Jim Lang - “In The Mouth Of Madness”
    First version.

Produced by DJ not-I @ Mexikotrax, 2009-2011 (except 8, produced in 2014). For promotional use only!

DOWNLOAD (alternate link in "comments").

And now for some Shitcase Cinema (by the way, they have an official page and a very active group on Facebook. And here's my official Facebook page: DJ.not.I).

Love, not-I

1. Crookers Remix (feat. Donald Sutherland's notorious eye-roll scene @ 1:12)

2. Who Made Shitcase (AC/DC Theme Remix) (feat. John on air guitar)

3. Mouth Of Madness Remix

Three more Shitcase Cinema reviews feat. not-I remixes after the jump!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Collected Mashups Vol. 4: Sleeper

Good Morning! The next installment of the Collected Mashups series has finally arrived! I've called this collection "Sleeper" because of: 1.) "Sleeper (noun): someone or something unpromising or unnoticed that suddenly attains prominence or value"; 2.) Klaudia Gottwald's portrait of me featured on the cover; and 3.) My love of deep sleep whenever I can get it. Download itDisc 1 Disc 2 (alternate links in "comments").

These mashups are all from 2009. This was a great year for me in terms of my development and new place in the mashup game. My previous work was finally getting recognized, as was my new stuff. I performed at Bootie Munich and at Bootie Vienna and played out several of the mashes featured on this album live, including "Nanafushi Bulletproof" and "Chop Synergy Dare," which are being released here for the first time. I ventured back into the 80s with the popular "Spin Shout Right Round!" and "He Got Scream," and explored uncharted territory with epic jams like "MORE Cowbell," "100 Million Butterflies," and "Raising The Small Things In Life." My mashups had decisively shifted to the melodic. I still showed love for hip-hop, but also for the pioneering adventures that had come to define my style (e.g. "Three Skies A Lady," "Phantom Sanctuary").

Despite my occasional pop stylings and apparent pangs "to be liked", I think most of these mashups are utterly uncompromising, and all the better for it.

Don't make music you think people want to hear, make music you want to hear!

Love, DJ not-I

P.S.i I couldn't decide how to order these mashups, so I (mostly) arranged them according to increasing beats per minute (BPMs).
P.S.ii Don't "sleep on" Disc 2. It's not filler and includes two previously unreleased tracks.

Download: Disc 1 Disc 2 (alternate links in "comments")


DJ not-I
Collected Mashups Vol. 4: Sleeper

Disc One:

1.   Epic Wit Chu (Faith No More vs. Queens Of The Stone Age)
2.   Kool Shook C.R.E.A.M. (Mobb Deep vs. Wu-Tang Clan vs. Kool & The Gang)
3.   He Got Scream (Janet & Michael Jackson vs. Public Enemy vs. KRS-One vs. Buffalo Springfield)
4.   Aunt Jackie’s Sexy Pickup (Jason Fox vs. Justin Timberlake vs. Average White Band)
5.   Ready Or Not, Let Me Go (Fugees vs. Heaven 17)
6.   100 Million Butterflies (Rap Version) (Muse vs. Birdman & Lil’ Wayne)
7.   Knockout On The New Frontier (Lily Allen vs. Donald Fagen)
8.   Nanafushi Bulletproof (La Roux vs. Gloria Gaynor vs. KODO) *
9.   Spin Shout Right Round! (Tears For Fears vs. Dead Or Alive vs. Crookers vs. Michael Jackson)
10. MORE Cowbell! (The Sisters Of Mercy vs. NAPT)
11. Phantom Sanctuary (Dawn Til Dusk Mix) (The Cult vs. Justice)
12. Ain't Got kNOw Home (Clarence “Frogman” Henry vs. Queens Of The Stone Age)
13. Three Skies A Lady (The Commodores vs. Queens Of The Stone Age)
14. Raising The Small Things In Life (Tracey Thorn vs. Blink 182 vs. Robot Redford)
15. MORE Cowbell! (No Mercy Mix)

Disc Two:

1.   Jingle & Mashup Medley (DJ not-I)
2.   He Got Scream (Original Mix)
3.   100 Million Butterflies (Muse vs. Birdman)
4.   Chop Synergy Dare (Gorillaz vs. System Of A Down vs. Fingathing) *
5.   Spin Shout Right Round! (Original Mix)
6.   MORE Cowbell! (Radio Edit)
7.   Cinco De Mayo (War vs. Free vs. Deee-Lite vs. Beyonce vs. Pitbull vs. Ween)
8.   Phantom Sanctuary (Dusk Til Dawn Mix)
9.   Vino Hip Vino Hop (Video Version) (Dead Prez vs. Eastenders)
10. My Favorite Allez (The Supremes vs. Eastenders) *
11. MORE Cowbell! (Sisters Of Cowbell Mix)
12. He Got Scream (Instrumental)

* previously unreleased

Complete list of sources in mp3 tags.

Produced by DJ not-I @ Mexikotrax, 2009.
Additional production: 2014.
Cover painting by Klaudia Gottwald.
For promotional use only!

DownloadDisc 1 Disc 2 (alternate links in "comments")